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8 Apr


Occasionally, when I notice an estate sale sign in a yard, I will stop to see what is available.  While looking at the items for sale, I will invasion what the person was like based on their possessions now available to others.  At one such stop, I came upon this interesting box of clock parts.

box of clock parts©

I was not sure at the time what I would do with all the gears, face plates, and metal straps; but I couldn’t pass them up.  They reminded me of a time from the past; and, in this case, one person’s past.  When paying for the watch parts, the woman selling them asked that whatever I did create with the pieces of metal to bring it back to show her.  I felt these items were quite sentimental to her.

That has been well over a year now and I finally used a small portion of them in this ceramic sculpture.   With earthenware and black glaze and using a sqrafitto technique, I applied my take on patterns and design from the machine age of gears, belts and metals.   I wanted to create a piece that paid tribute to a time gone by and a tribute to one person’s machine age past, as well.

Earthenware and found objects

Timeless, earthenware and found objects, front view©

Timeless, top view

Timeless, top view©